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workshopWe pride ourselves upon delivering the right training for you and your teams, delivering results. We do this by carrying out an in-depth development needs analysis to help you identify specifically what you want to improve. We use a variety of tools to establish what specifically needs development, dependent upon what the business feels is appropriate.

This means that all training courses listed below can be adjusted to suit your needs exactly should you need it. Our training style is an engaging interactive one with a promise to ban all death by PowerPoint, and being picked on. We will help nurture new talent, and fast track your leaders of the future.

Growing your people workshops

These workshops will sow the seed, giving participants an understanding of a topic and give them the opportunity to put the learning into action back in the workplace. They can be delivered as stand-alone workshops, put together into a programme with other modules, or backed up with one to one coaching to really consolidate the learning.

Personal effectiveness - Giving participants a greater understanding of how to delegate and prioritise effectively.

Team building - the team will understand the key characteristics and behaviours of a team and have an opportunity to work on some team activities to grow their skills working together.

Having a positive impact and influencing skills - participants will realise the importance of influence and positive impact and the key skills required to have influence over people around them.

Dealing with conflict - this workshop explores types of conflict, why they exist and different techniques to managing difficult people and situations.

Dealing with change - This interactive workshop looks at how people deal with change, why change is necessary and how we can react to change most effectively.

Being assertive – We will focus on the behaviours and traits of an assertive communicator, identify some key principles to being assertive and practice some methods to become a more assertive, effective communicator.

Growing your managers – Bespoke Management Programmes

workshop2Your managers are key to your business, their development and training should not be overlooked. Often employees who are successful in their roles are promoted to a people manager position. More often than not, just because they are fantastic in their previous roles, it is expected that they will also be fantastic at managing people! Recognise this? Just by reading this paragraph you will probably have worked out in many cases this is untrue. All managers regardless of their skill and experience need to support and guidance at some point in their career. Our management programmes can cater for a mixed group of managers, using a facilitative technique to share viewpoints, experiences and skills. We have a variety of core management workshops that you can select from that are right for you and your managers. They can be delivered in the order you want, to the timings you need. A meeting with Rebecca Wray Coaching Consultancy will help you identify what exactly it is you need. Examples of workshops include;

> An introduction to managing people

> Building a successful team

> Being effective (including assertiveness and delegation)

> Managing and implementing change

> Coaching others

> Presenting with impact

> Dealing with conflict

> Motivating people

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