What can we do for your school?

Using a bespoke approach for each client, we ensure we deliver the most effective, focused solution to your people development needs.  Our experience of working in a number of schools tells us what works, and what benefits there are.  A combination of training and coaching skills can be utilised to identify your people’s needs, to advise the most appropriate plan of action, and then deliver engaging inspiring development solutions.  This unique approach ensures individuals can grow whilst ensuring overall school objectives are achieved.


Examples of bespoke workshops delivered (not inclusive and more information can be provided upon request)

  • Personal effectiveness which provided the participants to gain a greater understanding of how to delegate and prioritise effectively.
  • Team building which allowed the team to focus on the characteristics of a high performing team, and identify where they needed to focus to increase their performance.
  • Management and leadership skills, this bespoke programme consisted of a number of workshops tailored to suit the needs of the business at that time, participants were able to develop key management skills and share experiences with colleagues.
  • Implementing a coaching scheme, through a series of workshops, this programme allowed a school to integrate a coaching approach to all areas of school adding value to individual’s performance and building relationships.
  • Influencing skills, which allowed participants to realise the impact of influence, and the key skills required to have influence over people around them.
  • Dealing with conflict, this workshop explored types of conflict, and different techniques to managing difficult people and situations. 


The workshops can be designed to work with staff of all levels from Head teachers to play workers.  Programmes can be written for SLT, or for growing certain groups of staff (E.g.; Year Group Leaders)


Examples of development areas suitable for coaching

  • > Staff performance issues
  • > Confidence building
  • > Career coaching
  • > Work life balance
  • > Sorting through difficult problems; a place to think out loud
  • > Creating a powerful team
  • > Repairing broken working relationships


How would this fit into our school timetable?

Most training sessions are approximately one day, but we can be entirely flexible to your needs, delivering half day sessions, or small group sessions over a number of hours.  Both coaching and training sessions can be conducted in school, or in a suitable venue out of school should the client so wish.

Gap tasks can be set if the client requires them, and additional learning resources can be suggested for those who wish to continue their learning outside of sessions.

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