Train people well enough so that they
can leave. Treat them well enough so
that they don’t.

Richard Branson
Train people well enough so that they
can leave. Treat them well enough so
that they don’t.

Richard Branson


Work completed: Virtual Learning Scheme

Wow! I loved the sleep & relax webinar! Is all I am going to say. Just finished watching it, totally what I needed right now and I have already ordered the book. Already trying to do lots of it but excellent advice and good to know I am aiming for the right direction!

Emma, Assistant Headteacher

Work completed: Coaching, training & facilitation across Trust

I cannot recommend Rebecca more highly. She is an integral part of our ‘grow your own’ ethos and she has impacted upon 100s of colleagues across our family of schools. She has added significant value to the organisation through the professional services that she offers which are personalised and tailored to everyone’s needs. One to one, small group or larger teams of staff: Rebecca excels in all contexts. Thank you, Rebecca, for all you have done, and I look forward to working with you again.

Richard Gill, CEO, ATLP

Work completed: SLT coaching

Coaching with Rebecca this year has had a significant impact on the way I work as a school leader. The outcome has been that I feel calmer in difficult situations, I am more reflective, I view things more objectively and listen more…. all work in progress of course! The benefit of coaching on staff in schools could be huge and part of a strategy that I am very keen to move forward with- thank you Rebecca!

Russell Plester, Headteacher, Finham 2 Secondary School

Work completed: Core Leadership Programme delegate

Rebecca is a passionate coach who has a vast knowledge of leadership. She genuinely loves developing people and organisation’s! I enrolled on her ‘Core Leadership’ course In September and was immediately hooked by the energy, depth, and variety of the sessions. As a new leader the different modules immediately impacted on my practice – thank you Rebecca.

Sam Scadeng, Apple distinguished educator, ATLP

Work Completed : Virtual Learning Scheme

I have to say I really enjoyed these and I feel they helped me immensely through a difficult time during lockdown, working from home and not being 100% well with having to cope with an increased and very different workload. I enjoyed the live sessions, but the recorded sessions were better for me as I could set aside time when I could give them my full attention. I deliberately chose to watch them when I had a difficult or stressful day and I found just watching them calmed me – I think you both have a lovely calm aura about yourselves. Well done and I hope to see more soon!

Anna, Office manager

Work completed: Governing body training session

Rebecca’s clear and structured approach to self-evaluation really helped to focus my governing body. As the newly elected Chair I was keen to bring about a number of changes that reflected my own ethos whilst embracing that of other members. Rebecca facilitated that perfectly!

Ian Micheal-Willis, Pastoral Support Manager & Chair of Governors

Work completed: Team away days

Both the management and team sessions we had with Rebecca brought out some extremely useful insights. She’s passionate about leadership and team productivity which really showed throughout the session. The sessions were interactive and kept everyone engaged throughout both sessions. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone in a similar position where fast growth can affect productivity, neither are necessarily negative but these sessions really helped us to learn what our strengths are and how best we can effectively communication with others. The session was tailored to our needs as a team which really showed.

Coral McFarlane, Marketing Manager, The Growth Company

Work Completed: Leadership Coaching, Staff Training, Whole Staff Team Building Day

God shined his face on our team building day; the day was warm and bright. Rebecca Wray had the perfect backdrop to deliver and she did. An on-going conversation in the proceeding weeks had ensured that the tone, the activities and most importantly the message had been immaculately planned for. Rebecca and her associate Lisa’s passion for their job was evident as they facilitated the day, making it special for all. Thank you on the behalf of Heathfield Primary School and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Nigel Oram, Head of School, Heathfield Primary School

Work Completed: Leadership Coaching

I enjoyed my coaching with Rebecca so much, it took me on an incredible journey. When I started I was at a low ebb professionally but I wasn’t too sure what the problem was. The coaching helped me to talk everything through and identify things about myself and how I work which I never knew. Rebecca helped me to identify a specific goal which would allow me to develop myself as a leader that I could work on. I was able to achieve this goal for myself and find solutions from within. My confidence grew so much throughout the process and I developed skills in lots of areas which I can draw on in a range of different situations such as communication, time management, organisation and emotional resilience. I can honestly say that coaching has changed the way I think, the way I work and has allowed me to believe in myself and how much I am capable of. I am now inspired to support others on their coaching journey and to enable them to develop as leaders as Rebecca has helped me to do

Rachel Hayes, Reception Leader, Mere Green Primary School

Work completed: Team Away Day

Rebecca delivered an excellent away day for our multi-disciplinary team. The day was well thought out, with a good mix of fun, and theory. Everyone took some learning away and we all felt it was a good use of our time. I would highly recommend Rebecca for her expertise and professionalism – we can’t wait to have her back! Rebecca is brilliant; enthusiastic / keen / motivated / focussed on individuals’ and team aims. Sessions made very enjoyable and fun yet focussed on work aims. I think all places of work should do these sessions!

Suzanne McDonald, Health Partnership Manager, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Work completed: Leadership Coaching, Staff Coaching, Staff Training, Team Away Days

Rebecca has worked in Prince Albert for the last 2 years with many different staff. She delivers one to one coaching to my SLT, and works with us to deliver monthly development sessions built into our meetings that have helped forge a strong self and team awareness. Rebecca has also trained a number of staff to coach others, helping us sustain a coaching and development ethos at all levels. The most recent addition to the solutions Rebecca offers us is a Core Leadership Programme, which is working to grow our middle leaders, giving them core skills required to go onto more senior positions in the near future. Rebecca has worked with key identified staff to train them to become coaches in order to grow our capacity as a school to coach all staff. The impact Rebecca has had on individuals and teams across the school has been fundamental to the development of the school. She has enabled leaders to develop and stretch all staff across the school therefore impacting on pupils in all areas of their school life. Rebecca is a leadership team’s unofficial additional member, a critical friend and someone who sees things outside the box when you just can’t. I would like to thank her for her invaluable support.

Phillipa Downes, Head of School, Prince Albert Primary School

Work completed: Leadership Coaching, Staff Coaching, Leadership Training workshops, Staff Training, Leadership Away Days

Rebecca has worked with leaders at all levels in our school and the impact has been phenomenal. Using a vast toolbox of coaching strategies, she has developed our leaders’ awareness of themselves and their impact on others. She has also helped them to develop their own coaching style to impact directly on staff and pupils in school. She is truly excellent!

Helen Hastilow, Deputy Headteacher, Mere Green Primary

Work completed: Team Away Day

Rebecca proved to be an excellent trainer. She made good use of her knowledge and skills in order to motivate our leadership team to think deeply about their roles within the team. The training will enable us to become even more effective in delivering high levels of performance.

Natalie Osmond, A&E Sister for AAOT, Salford Royal NHS trust

Work completed: Leadership Team Away Day

Rebecca has organised our staff into coaching groups. She is very able to understand how we need coaching to work in our school. I can already see the benefits of the training and look forward to having all of my staff following the GROW model of coaching

Darren King, Assistant Head, Westminster Primary School

Work completed: Leadership coaching, Leadership training, Coach training, Staff training, Leadership Away Day

Rebecca is a commercially focused professional with a key attention to detail and desire to achieve results. The coaching Rebecca carried out with several groups within the business was effective, intuitive and worth every penny. I highly recommend Rebecca as an individual for all coaching and training needs within a business

Ruby Kundi, Headteacher, Highfield Primary School

Work completed: Staff coaching

Rebecca is a commercially focused professional with a key attention to detail and desire to achieve results. The coaching Rebecca carried out with several groups within the business was effective, intuitive and worth every penny. I highly recommend Rebecca as an individual for all coaching and training needs within a business.

Hannah Drinkwater, Operations Manager, John Stuart Motors