Train people well enough so that they
can leave. Treat them well enough so
that they don’t.

Richard Branson
Train people well enough so that they
can leave. Treat them well enough so
that they don’t.

Richard Branson


We create safe yet challenging training environments where participants will be part of an energetic, engaging session facilitated by one of our expert team.

We pride ourselves on, as a small company, being able to respond directly to our clients needs. This means we can use our experience and knowledge to design bespoke training sessions that suit your requirements. We also, however have an extensive library of training sessions ready to go. Please Contact Us to view our library of sessions that you might wish to select – or use them as inspiration to put together a blend of sessions to provide your team with what they need.

Our Training Offer

All sessions can be delivered via a one day face to face session, or a number of virtual sessions. Pricing is dependant upon numbers, please book a call with Rebecca to discuss.

Courageous Conversations

Session Aims;

  • Enhance confidence when approaching a difficult conversation
  • Unpicking what challenges are faced during a difficult conversation
  • Discover great strategies to prepare and deliver a successful conversation with colleagues and customers.

Communication with influence

Session Aims;

  • Learn the impact of body language and the voice and how to use them most effectively
  • Discuss our shadow cast and take control of our impact
  • Explore assertive behaviour and the differences to aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Develop and practise different strategies in different situations.

Being an awesome teammate

Session Aims;

  • Identify and discuss the benefits of teamwork
  • Discuss the barriers to effective teamwork and discuss how to overcome them
  • Explore the key skills of a team player
  • Understand team roles and the importance of communication

Gold Standard Customer Service Programme

This programme is delivered over 4 half day sessions

Session Aims;

  • To understand our personal impact and how it affects customer service
  • To understand how a successful team works together
  • To explore the FISH principles and identify how they can change a work environment for the better
  • To design a Gold Standard for the team
Time management basics Session Aims;
  • Understand how to prioritise more effectively
  • Explore strategies to prevent you reaching ‘overload’
  • Understand how to mage distractions and interruptions
  • Explore the challenges of the modern world and its impact on our attention span.
Appropriate & Successful delegation Session Aims;
  • Discuss what stops us from delegating most effectively
  • Plan to successfully delegate a task
  • Explore how we should set up colleagues ‘for success’ rather than failure
  • Review levels of control and what effect they have on our delegation
Resilience and well being Session Aims;
  • Explore the meaning of resilience and how it affects us
  • Understand dimensions of resilience and identify development areas
  • Explore the link between resilience, well being and work life balance
  • Identify key skills and strategies to achieving balance

Leading and building teams

Session Aims;

  • Learning from successful world leaders, participants will identify key leadership characteristics they want to replicate.
  • Working in groups they will learn how to be flexible in their leadership style dependent upon the team’s needs
  • Discuss team dynamics and challenges to leadership of people

High impact leadership

Session Aims;

  • Recognising our ‘why’
  • Identifying values led leadership and connecting who we are with what we do
  • Consider leadership theories and how they translate into reality
  • Identify a vision for the future self and plan steps to move forward

Leading sticky change

Session Aims;

  • explore how we can expect staff to respond to change over time,
  • how to flex our leadership styles to best manage their response.
  • Some useful tools will support participants to plan change most effectively
  • review and learn from change they have led previously

Managing conflict

Session Aims;

  • Understand what causes conflict and recognise own triggers for conflict
  • Explore different conflict management strategies
  • Consider areas for development when managing conflict and identify actions

Motivation & Morale

Session Aims;

  • Explore the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Review what motivates us and the impact it has
  • Explore the FISH! Principles and how they can be used in the workplace
  • Plan commitment to action to bring the principles to life

Facilitation skills

Session Aims;

  • Understand the difference between training, presenting, and facilitating
  • Recognise and demonstrate the key skills to facilitation
  • Demonstrate the design of a facilitated session through simulation

Train the trainer

Session Aims;

  • Understand learning styles and how they affect the learner
  • Identify and demonstrate the key skills to training
  • Deliver a designed training session to peers

Presentation skills

Session Aims;

  • Understand key principles to an effective presentation
  • Identify and demonstrate the key skills to presenting with impact
  • Deliver, respond to feedback and make improvements on a presentation
  • Understand the differences with virtual delivery
  • Understand the basics of Zoom & MS teams for delivery

Feedback to drive performance

Session Aims;

  • Identify challenges to delivering feedback
  • Recognise the need to be flexible whilst delivering feedback whilst being clear
  • Discuss and practise feedback strategies through skills practise

An introduction to coaching

Session Aims;

  • Explore the difference between coaching, mentoring and counselling and recognise the benefits to each
  • Identify key skills to coaching

Identify appropriate coaching questions and practise using through skills practise

We run several well-established open programmes across the UK that anyone can join, dates set in May each year. You will find current programmes available on our Eventbrite page

Coaching for Leaders Programme
Core Leadership Programme
Gold Standard Programme
Virtual Learning Scheme